World Cricket Championship : FAQ


1. Can I play this game offline?

Yes. You can play the game offline but you need an internet connection to send challenges or receive challenges from your friends.
Although, you will need internet for the following:

  • Gangs of Cricket
  • Shout board
  • Sharing Points
  • Unlocking Pro features (if you are a Free user) in version 5.4)
  • Creating a Login.
  • Syncing your points & statistics online, so that you can restore it with your same email id later. This will be useful if you lost your device / bought a new mobile/tablet, if you changed from Apple device to Android / WP8 device (syncing in cross-platform), if you uninstalled & want to reinstall WCC later etc.,

2. How do I sign up for the game?

You will find a LOGIN button on the top right corner of the game’s landing page. Click on that, enter a valid email Id / Facebook id and register your way to cricket glory!

3. Can I play the game only if I sign up?

Not necessary. You can play the game even without signing up. We recommend you to register and let the other users know they have a stiff competition. If you sign up, you get the following perks!

  • You can unlock the PRO features
  • You can challenge a friend
  • You can also get you name up on the Leader Board.
  • Share/receive points from friends
  • Can make new friends
  • Can chat in Shout board
  • Sync your points & stats

4. What is Quick play?

In this mode, you can choose your team and the opponent and play a quick single match. These are single matches starting from 5 overs. Free Users get 5 Overs to start with. Earn more points and you can unlock more overs.

5. Where do I find the instructions to play?

Take a look. You can find the instructions in the Help section on the Main page.

6a. I accidentally deleted the game from my phone. How can I restore it back?

Download the game from the game store using the same id you downloaded the game with and Ta da! Your game is restored in your phone.

6b. How do I retrieve the points and achievements I scored earlier?

When you log into the game with your registered and validated id, your points and achievements also get restored so you don’t have to worry about playing from the scratch.

7. Why is the game lagging in my device?

You will need the following to host the app in your phone.

  • Android OS 2.3 or later
  • Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU
  • GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 or later
  • Minimum 512MB RAM, but 1GB RAM is recommended for fluid gameplay
  • Disable performance intensive Antivirus (if needed) running in the background

System Reqiurements

Android Device
  • Android OS 2.3.3 or later
  • Device powered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU
  • GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 is recommended
  • 512MB / 1GB RAM (recommended for fluid gameplay)
Ios Device
  • Ios 5.1.1 or later
  • 512 / 1GB RAM (recommended for fluid gameplay)
Windows Device
  • Windows 8.1 or later
  • 512MB / 1GB RAM (recommended for fluid gameplay)
  • Device powered by either x86 or x64 or ARM

Gangs Of Cricket

1. What is ‘Gangs of Cricket’? How can I be a part of a Gang?

We will give you a set of 7 challenges every week to complete and you will need to form a gang of 2 or more to complete the task. Each of your gang members should complete the task. Upon completing the assigned task, you and your gang will be qualified for the bonus points with which you can unlock the PRO enabled features. Sounds cool huh? But remember; only those who complete the task will win the points. It’s a Gang mission. Each Gang should have 2-25 players. If at least 2 players from the same Gang finish the campaign, they are eligible for a bonus. For more details on Gangs of Cricket, refer to the Help Screen in the app.

Note: You need to be connected to the Internet to play Gangs of Cricket.

Shout Board

1. What is the Shout Board?

The Shout Board is a chat room, where you can connect with other WCC users from all parts of the world. You can use the Shout Board to

  • Request for/send points
  • Send Challenges to other users
  • Make new friends and form your Gang

2. Why am I blocked from the Shout Board?

You will be blocked from the Shout Board if you

  • Use or attempt to use another user’s account without authorization
  • Engage in any harassing, intimidating, predatory, or stalking conduct
  • Impersonate any person or entity or otherwise misrepresent person or entity
  • Get reported by another user, several times.

Offline Missions

1. Will there be Offline Missions too?

Sure! You need not always be connected to the internet to play a mission. There will also be offline missions for you. Keep checking on your missions and play to earn more points.


1. What is World Cricket Championship tournament?

Two groups play simultaneously though you only confront the team from the other group at the quarter final level.

Your Team: Choose your own side and play against the specified team.

Win at least four games out of your six group games to avoid elimination and enter quarter final > Semi-final > Final Elimination will automatically end the play.

Two groups play simultaneously though you only confront the team from the other group at the quarter final level.

2. What is World Premier League?

How about playing a match against teams with cool names? Pick your favourite team and get ready to play!

Choose 10 participating team and choose the team you want to play for from them.

League Matches: Each team will have to play against all other teams.

Qualifier round: The best four teams will play in the Qualifying Round. A team has to win at least one match to enter the final.

Note: In the Tournament mode, you can also play a match in which your team is not participating.

3. What is Super Fantasy Cricket League Tournament?

Play the fantasy cricket! Throw fire balls, make your opponent grow small, freeze or better, turn them into zombies! Look out for some amazing bowling and batting power-ups here!

Choose 10 participating team and choose the team you want to play for from them.

Qualifier round: The best four teams will play in the Qualifying Round. A team has to win at least one match to enter the pre final rounds.

Note: In the Tournament mode, you can also play a match in which your team is not participating.


1. How can I Challenge a friend?

A common 'Challenge a friend' for all three game modes allow you to play batting/bowling challenges with your friends and random players from across the world.

Login with Facebook or an email-id and create new challenge. The account settings on the main menu let you change your login details.

New challenge: You can choose your opponent for a new challenge in three ways.

  • Your Facebook friend list
  • Friends you know by email
  • Random opponent

Your turn: Lists the challenges you have received.

Their turn: Lists the challenges you have sent.

Send out your best batting scores or bowling restrictions in easy, medium and hard difficulty modes as a challenge and compete for top 5 ranks in leader board. The stars you receive for each challenge decides your rank in the weekly, monthly and all-time leader boards.

Create a different challenge in every game by changing your game mode, your team, and your opponent team, the difficulty mode, choosing to bat or bowl and the number of overs.

In Challenge a Friend mode, you can send & receive challenges with 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 & 30 Overs. In the Free version, 1, 2 & 5 Overs are free. You can unlock the remaining for points

Now you are all set to have a great game!

2. Can I Challenge a friend offline?

Sorry! You can send out or receive challenges only when you are logged in and connected to the internet.


1. How do I earn points?

Points can be earned by playing matches as well as bought through in-App purchases.

This is how you earn points:


  • Singles: 1 point each.
  • Boundaries: A 4 gives you six points and a 6 awards you eight points.


  • A wicket: 10 points
  • Maiden over: 50 points
  • Login and receive 500 points every day!
  • Win a match and you receive 300 points.
  • Hall of Fame achievements: 50 points each.
  • Qualifying for Quarter final round and you receive 200 points.
  • Qualifying for Semi-final round and you receive 300 points.
  • Qualifying for tournament final and you receive 500 points.
  • Win a tournament final and you receive 1000 points.
  • Points are the basic gateway to purchase Power-ups. You will need 5000 points to purchase a Power-up.

2. What are the PRO features available and how many points will I require to unlock them?

You can unlock additional overs & tournaments with certain number of points.* The unlocked features are valid for limited duration only. Don’t worry; as and when you earn points, you can keep unlocking the same feature again and again. Keep an eye out for special and huge discounts on the features (those exclusive limited editions!)

Your points can also be used to buy some cool power-ups in Super Fantasy Cricket League.


  • Internet connection is essential to unlock the Pro features.
  • In Quick-Play mode alone, you can continue the un-finished match even when the time expires, not in Tournament mode
    • You can unlock:
      10 Overs for 4 days - 25,000 points
      15 Overs for 4 days - 30,000 points
      20 Overs for 4 days - 35,000 points
      25 Overs for 4 days - 40,000 points
      30 Overs for 4 days - 45,000 points

      WCC Tournament for 4 days - 1,00,000 points
      WPL Tournament for 4 days - 1,00,000 points
      SFCL Tournament for 4 days - 1,00,000 points

      *May vary according to promotional activities.

3. What are Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame?

The Hall of Fame records all your achievements in the game and the Hall of Shame records your not-quite-an- achievement moments. This is a one-time unlock! You don’t have to unlock this feature time and again, unlike the other PRO Features.

Total number of Hall of Fame Achievements : 76

Total number of Hall of Shame Achievements : 25

4. How can I use the power- ups in Super Fantasy Cricket League?

Batting power –ups:

  • Astro bat : sends your ball spinning out of the stadium like an asteroid!
  • Zombeilders: Turns your opponent’s fielders into Zombies. Zombies are no match to your batting skills!
  • Joker’s call: The umpire is at your service. Everything is in your favour.
  • Veteran’s Call: Boosts up your confidence level. Note: This will be activated only if you turn on the Batsman-Confidence in your settings.

Bowling Power –ups.

  • Fire ball: Sets the ball on fire and incinerates the field and the batsman for fast bowlers.
  • Twister Ball: Spin bowlers will spin a tornado ball that will throw the batsman off the pitch!
  • Ball – O- phobia : The batsman is not tall enough to hit your ball
  • Super 11: Superheroes on the field! With Faster fielding and superheroes flying out to catch the ball, your opponents are going to find it really hard to win the match.

Player Settings

1. How can I choose the bowler?

When you choose to bowl, you can also choose the bowler you want to send for that over.

2. Can I choose the batsman while batting?

We are still working on this one. You will soon be able to choose the batsman you want to send out in the field, in the future updates.

3. How can I set the fielding?

The fielding option is on the top right corner of the game page. We have a few pre-set fielding options for you. You can choose one among those. If you aren’t quite satisfied with our arrangement, you can also manually place your fielders. But remember, you can choose the fielding position only for your team and not the opponent’s.

4. What is Batsman Confidence in the game settings?

The Batsman Confidence is a meter that slowly builds up and enables the batsman to play power shots. Batsman Confidence is indicated by a bar that appears above the batsman’s head. This meter builds slowly and steadily with each and every ball the batsman faces. Every hit increases the confidence and a dot ball decreases the confidence of the batsman. Don’t forget to take your singles here. With every planned hit, your batsman can gain experience and hit veteran shots.

5. What is the use of edit player name and player profile?

Editing the player gives a variety of options. You can decide if you want your player to be the captain of your team, if he is a right hand batsman or left handed. You can also make him a fast or spin bowler. The best part is that you can edit the player’s name and customize it to create your own personal team with the names of your friends!


1. How can I purchase the PRO version of the game?

The Pro version of the game can be downloaded from the app store. You will need a credit card to purchase the game.

2. How do I unlock the PRO features?

You can Buy points from the store or earn it by completing tasks through Gangs of Cricket or by playing more matches! These points can be used to unlock PRO features. See What are the PRO features available and how many points will I require to unlock them?

3 Your Game is really cool! How do I rate this app?

Press ‘Rate this APP’ button in the settings! You can also rate the app in the game Store.

Account Settings

1. Why should I verify my email id?

This will help us to reach you with important news, promotions, game updates, offers etc., (we don’t spam). It will be useful if you forgot your password & on top of it, you will get bonus points for verifying your email id!

2. Once I have verified my email id, can I edit / change it later?

No, you cannot change the verified email id. One id holds only one account.

3. Can I change my display name or username?

Yes, you can change/edit your display name or username in Account Settings screen

4. Can I change the password for my account?

Yes, you can change your password in Account Settings screen if you registered with your email id. You cannot change the password if you register with your Facebook account.

5. Can I change my profile picture?

Yes, in Account Setting screen, you can change/include your profile picture you’re your device’s Gallery or from Camera.